Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

11 December 2013


I couldn't sleep these past couple dayz  so i decided to make an owl. As i was killing the nights, i just might go and paint something instead of shooting and editidng. I got sick of it so i have to chill from sk8 videos ;)'s early morning owl.... 


01 December 2013


PLAZTERZ: MarkoTufegcic, Uros Ilic, Srdjan Vasilic, Milan Radojcic, Petar Petrovic.
Awwww plasters with everything that goes with it. Patched little cuts and that stikinies on skin and problem with hair when you are pealin the plaster off. :D So i made this set of boards in order to pay humble respect for plasters. Each name is made to sybolize a scar and it is purposly put on a plaster. even plasters have scars ;)