Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

20 April 2013

speed limit

SPEED LIMIT: Petar Petrovic, Nikola Mijailovic, Mihailo Prostran, Uros Ilic.
These decks are actualy just speed limit symbol used on a road in some countries. So each number represent each riders overall skateboarding skill :) These are one of my favorites because i usualy post stickers on my board that i ride. You know, like those on a trucks or cargo vans that gives info to a driver behind them of max speed. speed limit :D


03 April 2013

Ketur chinna

This is Ketur. He is skateboarder for 15 years now. As i skate with him during my youth dayz i always make him a board or something. Anyway, i wanted to make his portrait from a photo. Photo is not this color sceme, and neither is light from those directions that u see. I used photo just for a his position. Heh from tim to time i like to go back for some real painting. Usualy i end up doing it on computer.