Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

26 January 2013

u cast blu blu

This one i did to honor BLU BLU, a graffiti artist. He's work is amasing. He got me insired on several occasions so i have to make this one to respect his piece near Branko's bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. I made a little twist on well known story, and his piece also, about us destroying our nature. As his caracter has building instead of teeths my has sewer instead of teeths and stylish hair is actually houses and buildings. Almost the same look so you can check his piece here

or his art and life here--->