Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

11 December 2013


I couldn't sleep these past couple dayz  so i decided to make an owl. As i was killing the nights, i just might go and paint something instead of shooting and editidng. I got sick of it so i have to chill from sk8 videos ;)'s early morning owl.... 


01 December 2013


PLAZTERZ: MarkoTufegcic, Uros Ilic, Srdjan Vasilic, Milan Radojcic, Petar Petrovic.
Awwww plasters with everything that goes with it. Patched little cuts and that stikinies on skin and problem with hair when you are pealin the plaster off. :D So i made this set of boards in order to pay humble respect for plasters. Each name is made to sybolize a scar and it is purposly put on a plaster. even plasters have scars ;)


17 November 2013

da FORCE within 6

Today was hella cold even it's nice and sunny. Nothing spectacular in this day except that we are tired to go to skateboard. I might anyway go to shoot some tricks on ledge. Dunno.... i miss the warm weather. Warmer warmer pls :D


10 November 2013


Ah... broken robot needs repair. This robot is actually for scouting, video recording, and sample collecting on planetary expeditions throughout universe. Ahhh noooo disabled robot in a middle of nowhere... can't continue research. Cosmonaut will now have to have base established and fix that malfunction....


04 November 2013

meeting alien

I like to draw spaceman or cosmonaut, however you prefer :). Here, he meets and waves toward alien, as a greeting sign. Alien is also transforming- metamorphosing into something materialistic, in order for cosmonaut to be able to see alien in materialistic form. Hello!!


09 October 2013

da FORCE within 5

Today i'm waiting for a Ketur to go to Skatepark to shoot some lines and tricks. I can hardly wait :D Since he lives far away from town, i decided to make my emotions in this energy compilation way as i think i explained early on a first post. These are emotions within myselfe and when time passes by i come back to examine it and try to understand shapes, colors and lines. Combination of those are perticulas emotional state. . .


07 October 2013


COLORFULL: New snowboard deck that lost my eyez creating....Too much color hense the title colorfull. I did't expect much from this one. My goal was very simple here, make colorful and pretty for the eye.


21 September 2013


As you already know i hang out with Losmi that likes stickers and from time to time i make these stickers. I never got them printed but one day i will. This sticker is a skateboarder doing a trick called flip. it came out pretty nice with those blue/purple/violet colors.


09 September 2013

da FORCE within 4

. . . Today was a great day. Lots of skateboarding. As i wait for some food to be ready i'll just fool around for couple of minutes. Shit! Almost got my lunch nicely overburnt. But look at those colors :D. . .


15 August 2013

BGDZOO colorfully

BGDZOO colorfully : Milos Srbinovski, Nikola Mijailovic, Mihailo Prostran, Petar Petrovic.
These decks are inspired by diferent light during the morning, day or evening. It is the windows of a buildings in Belgrade and reflections on them.


04 August 2013

sa FORCE within 3

. . .Today i spent a lot of time workig on some video edits. Even tough i worked for a long time, i feel gret. So, i'll just make a quick one, to record this satisfaction of mine, because of nice improvement in edited footage. I made a lot of steps to fine tune video cuts to match audio beat. . .


28 July 2013

da FORCE within 2

As i was saying. . . This is the day that got some heavy rain. Feeling bored like never before. So many things to do and no energy for a damn thing. This piece is made to not feel so down and to refill my energy. . .


26 July 2013

da FORCE within

I started doing these abstract pieces as a mirror of my mental and physical health. Everyday thinhgs have impact on our daly basis. For example, we might be happy and feel satisfied after well acomplished task or solved problem, or we might get frustrated or felling down for not solving a problem. Or some minor thing just brought back that pleasantness in a fraction of time. This Forces, as i call them, have certain recorded emotions. Recorded in a sense that they are drawn or created with pleasant or unpleasant emotions and toughts. I'll try to analize some of them. . .


09 July 2013

RAT SK8boardinG

This is skatebarding rat that i made with regular cheapest watermarker that i could find. As we are all skateboarding rats heres the one that even cant put his one foot on a skateboard :) I got that moment from Devil because i ride 7.66 and wear 10-11 shoe size and he's like 12-maybe 13. So he asks me, from time to time, how can i ride such a tinny deck. This is how ;)


28 June 2013

zuti cvetnor

No particular reason why he's orange and yellow. Those were the best and fullest markers that i had. Thats the only thing. Anyway he replanting his hair and singing opera to it for more natural look. Those things around his belly are not hair. Its more like aborigian dress code.


20 June 2013

interior glow

INTERIOR GLOW: Mihailo Prostran, Petar Petrovic, Nikola Mijailovic, Bozidar Trailovic, Milos Srbinovski.
These decks were made after i got into those abstract emotions and wibes that represented my material and abstract state. So, i apllied that to these decks in order to make all those elements symbolize each riders personality.


07 June 2013

Losm i ja ka u bojacha

This is a little colab that i did with my friend Losmi. We like our passion towards markers and stickers, as you already knew. As we were chilling somewhere, we started to fool around with this character. Losmi did linework and i did coloring. Well color was blue anyway so what i wanted to say is that i did shadowing ;) This character is actually our vision of how Percival C. McLeach looked like in younger age. McLeach is actualy a main villian from "Resures down under" from 1990. It was a animated feature movie, that for Losmi and me was unbeliavable cartoon, and at that time better than the rest of them. It didn't go well in box office but audience still respect it and make it a kinda cult movie. Well at least among people that i hang out with.


23 May 2013

places decks

PLACES: Mihailo Prostran, Nikola Mijailovic, Davor Petrovic, Srdjan Vasiljevic.
These decks are made out of photos of a places that we sometimes skate at. It is made out of sharp mislplaced photos of a known landmark for that sk8 spot, and free lines that represents pached cracks on a ground.


15 May 2013

crtac - drawer

This illustration i make as a colorful one. One sharp 0.5 pen and color markers. This dude has ultra mega turbo gogles for a ultra precise lines. in his hand is a rubber eraser and behind his ear are 3 colorpencils.


08 May 2013


This is a mind reader. I like creating these PPP stuff. Usualy i make it very fast in couple of minutes. Very rarely i make them in couple hours unless its compicated thing and i need detail. But at that point it stops to be fast and furious ppp page :D


20 April 2013

speed limit

SPEED LIMIT: Petar Petrovic, Nikola Mijailovic, Mihailo Prostran, Uros Ilic.
These decks are actualy just speed limit symbol used on a road in some countries. So each number represent each riders overall skateboarding skill :) These are one of my favorites because i usualy post stickers on my board that i ride. You know, like those on a trucks or cargo vans that gives info to a driver behind them of max speed. speed limit :D


03 April 2013

Ketur chinna

This is Ketur. He is skateboarder for 15 years now. As i skate with him during my youth dayz i always make him a board or something. Anyway, i wanted to make his portrait from a photo. Photo is not this color sceme, and neither is light from those directions that u see. I used photo just for a his position. Heh from tim to time i like to go back for some real painting. Usualy i end up doing it on computer.


27 March 2013


Evil big Muzzy. This is interpretation of a Muzzy, but brought into evil side of his personality. Also made it look little more 2013 like, not to say modern like. Same story as big Muzzy. So read there. . .


18 March 2013

Piercing Armor - Tenkzovi

PIERCING ARMOR: Vladimir Milosevic, Aleksandar Markovic, Rajko Radosavljevic, Davor Petrovic, Aleksandar Damjanovic.
These decks are made for a crew that likes to play games. In this case world of tanks. This series is not about regular skateboarding and riding skills, so i have putted two friends that lowered hours of skating enough to loose skill ;). Hey, but they play like a pro's. So anyway it is a moment of tanks exloding or actually being pierced.


10 March 2013

big mazzy

Big Mazzy is a animated cartoon for a english studies. It was on tv when i was a kid so i remember Muzzy something like this. After more than 20 years ago. That cartoon was really something that everybody watched as i can racall it. Every thursday we will fool around school screaming "I'm Muzzy. Big Muzzy. I eat clocks". hahahahaah hilarius. For all those people who liked Muzzy. :D


28 February 2013

plant here

I like doing this abstract pieces. This one is pretty obvious. Plant here ----> where the desert is and pyramids. The tree has fruits, vines, branches and leafs. Thats about it.


25 February 2013

trash rat

Quick and ugly rat!!!


18 February 2013


Dribbling into pool. Actually the guy enjoyes in a pool of peoples dribbles. As they want what he has he bath in their swet and ddribbles. Pretty deep tought here ;) Enjoy the sun.


07 February 2013

fixing kingpin

Fixing kingpin is pain in the ass. You have to kik the broken one out in order to replace it with new one. Well it's not the new one, actually it's from a old truck. Usualy. Anyway as you reach point of everythin is in place fucking bold would be destroyed from previous grinds and it cannot go back to be tighten. So than you either buy new pin or make a new spiraling thingie on a surface of bolt. I dunno the name for it on english and i,m tired to look it up. Anyway finnaly made a truck into one working piece. Now i'll go saketboarding some dry ledges :P!!


26 January 2013

u cast blu blu

This one i did to honor BLU BLU, a graffiti artist. He's work is amasing. He got me insired on several occasions so i have to make this one to respect his piece near Branko's bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. I made a little twist on well known story, and his piece also, about us destroying our nature. As his caracter has building instead of teeths my has sewer instead of teeths and stylish hair is actually houses and buildings. Almost the same look so you can check his piece here

or his art and life here--->


22 January 2013

ratz bza bza 13

Vector rat. What else can i say except BGD ZOO, bza 13, RATPACK, Skateboarding for life, skate or die. Hello Ratzo.


01 January 2013


URBOLETICE: Mihailo Prostran, Srdjan Vasilic, Marko Tufegdzic, Nikola Mijailovic.
These decks are inspired by young birds and a urban cammo. It symbolizes hard to notice birds in a urban lifestyle. Well, something like that. It's hard to explain that connection adn for that i need a dictionary but im to tired for that right now.