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27 March 2012

hedonist resurection

HEDONIST RESURECTION: Nebojsa-Roller, Rajko-Skater, Oreka-Biker, Fizis-Snowboarder.
These deck are very close to my heart. It was a extreme club that started it all. It got all of us together to acheve one goal, to have a skatepark. Belgrade, at that time had aproximatly 3 Mil inhabitants and not even one skatepark. It was somewhere in 1998. Those were the dayz of greatest and purest riding that ever happened in Serbia. Eventually it collapsed under many opressing factors, and selfintrest of couple of guyz. Sky was the limit and we didn't even fly that high. I still wish. . . . .ressurection.


Anonymous said...

ovo je dizajn za prvi klub ekstremnih sportova za bajk skejt roske i bord. remix dasaka tog dogadjaja iz '95 godine.

gde li je Oreka danas?