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13 October 2011


ORANGINEN: Milan Radojcic, Srdjan Vasilic, Aleksandar Markovic, Marko Tufegcic, Rajko Radosavljevic.
These skateboards are inspired by orangina drink with all those bubbles. While we were sitting on a curbe slurpping Orangina, it got into my nose so painfuly that i started to dance like im some sort of Summoner or necromancer or some indian medicine man. So here it is. Orangina in and out from my nose :P


Anonymous said...

To matori Extra su. Ova narandzasta je najbolja.

Anonymous said...

paaa, sfe 4 su narandzaste.

Lanonymous said...

ja vozim 8icu :)

RajkO said...

r jebiga lanonimus moraces da predjes na 7.75 hehehehe