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12 August 2010


EWKIPA: Petar Petrovic, Aleksandar Markovic, Ivan Pejdic, Rajko Radosavljevic, Anes Nizancevic.
Urban city cammuflage that cover the BelgradeCity map. All secret locations and spots are well hidden by a urban grey cammo. This is the series that Smirgla and Paja made a couple of boards. Secound from the right. I still have one hangin' on my wall autographed by Aleksandar Markovic. It was a big honor to have that and i must say Guru of skateboarding scene is Smirgla. One and only with his head and beard. :D


irfan said...

ova Matori i Sena su ubica,mnogo su dobre,msm sve su do jaja skroz,ako se bude radila ova Matori neka ima 7.75 kupujem om'a stvarno su dobre.Poshtovanje.

RajkO said...

irfane brate kad budem napravio svoje deckove imas od mene jednu na poklon i postovanje.