Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

28 June 2010


SQUARE FONT: Aleksandar Markovic, Rajko Radosavljevic, Uros Ilic, Vladimir Milosevic.
These decks are inspired by my font that i created for abstract purposes. It is understandable which letter is which, but still, i wanted it abstract to a part that makes you think what is this?!?Cool graffiti kinda style but very computer abstract liike. Me likey a lot.


23 June 2010


ZIVINADASKI: Misha Punker, Uros Ilic, Vladimir Milosevic, Aleksandar Markovic, Rajko Radosavljevic.
These boards got inspired by animal shiluetess as i search for some shilluetess online. Rearanged the a little bit and made this cirlce pattern as like in nature everything goes in circles. I dunno about colors. Still i think im little off there but, hey it looks ok. i might remix this one too.


09 June 2010

Dekchine Treez

TREEZ: Aco Jovic, Ivan Pejdic, Milos Pavlovic, Mihailo Prostran.
This is also one of my favorite skate decks. Can you imagine decks grow on treez. Pretty nice huh? I love the color and that wibe that i was looking for as its kinda maple three texture. I wish that i got just one of those unlimited all season decks growing on threes ;) Those colorful lines represent a sunlight passin thru brances and stems on a maple three.


prgava pacovchina

PRGAVA PACOVCINA: It's a rat. And its a mean madafakin rat. It has million teeths so it can eat faster. If he's hungry he can even eat a human. So you better sleep with one eye open.