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17 September 2007

slooz dekovi

SLOOZ DECKS: These decks were the only one that i saved from that big bad thing of lost files. 2 years of my devoted working and experimenting went kaboom. I took the HDD to various experts and they couldn't restore 2 years of files. Ofcourse i didn't backup that stuff. Actually i did backup all that on a HDD and i reinstaled and formated my computer. After i finished all that my comp started working and my HDD that i put everything on it got broken. Fuck i took so many hours to reorganize all my files on one neat place and now its gone. I still have old old old files that stayed on CD's but i'm not gonna do taht again cause it took me 2-3 weeks to reorganize everything. Anyway i lost those 2 years because i didnt back that up on any CD DVD whatever.


ketur said...

slooz i qooqoons

RajkO said...

dega ste slooozerchuge ?? :D