Hey. I'm glad that you are here. This is a place of Rajkosk8's imaginations, desires, happy moments and enjoyable stuff.Feel free to roam this universe of his whitch is mostly skateboarding, illustrating and photo and video shooting. Also here you will find some links to other artists that are involved in his life. Enjoy!

03 April 2007

teshka mashinerija

TESKA MASINERIJA: I made this piece just for fun, as i loved to listen TTP. Teenage Techno Punks was a massive during late 90's. Marko Nastic Dejan Milicevic and Marko Milosavljevic are DJ's. Their style made them who tey are now. For thos who don't know.. it a TECHNO.


nikola tesla

Nikola Tesla: Scientist, inventor, god... Tesla is a big inspiration in my life as an artist. Even he's an electric engeneer and inventor i find his life and things he said very interesting. This is from his younger days. Miss you Mr. Tesla.



KATT: My cat Kure. When hes peeking to check is there any food. And to chek if he's gonna piss me off ;)



VIRPAZAR: Vector places that i did for a interactive geography game-lecture-dvd. This is just one of them Virpazar. All made in illustrator with mouse that at that time still had ball inside it that you have to clean. Sometimes ball will distort itself, and at that point you need a new mouse to work with :D ahhh those dayz :D



NERD: Etched face of a nerd. He's smiling :D. I love etching and old printing graphic styles like linoleum etching, aquatinta, mezzotinta ....I used that feel of etching a copper plate in order to have a image onto it. And all those tests... is it enough?? Than, acid mesurment, so that your plate won't dissolve in acid :/ Gutenberg press anyone ;)